Our subscription worked really well. We sent out our first media release yesterday to promote our 10th anniversary initiatives and we already received media coverage. The media lists were really well organized and easy to use.

Kory DeGroot
Edmonton & Area Land Trust | Conservation Outreach Coordinate

I am very pleased with my self-service subscription to mediainalberta, so much so that after the first year, I purchased a lifetime subscription.

Joel Windsor
Alberta Music Education Foundation | Communications Coordinator

The Alberta Family Histories Society and I, in particular, want to thank Marilyn for helping to get the word out about our FamilyRoots2017 Genealogy Conference. As a small non-profit group managed entirely by volunteers, this can be challenging, indeed. There are never enough hands, time or money. And even when these all fall in place, there is a lack of knowledge and experience in some areas – especially in marketing. Marilyn was the answer in all cases. She provided our society with a timely, cost-effective solution backed up by her deep knowledge and experience in knowing where to target our message.

Michele Buhler
Alberta Family Histories Society | Editor, Chinook

So, far we at the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters have really enjoyed using your media database. As you know we did a lot of research in to what database would be best suited to our needs. On the basis of usability, reliability and price yours has been working out really well for us. If you have any potential clients who would like more detailed insights from our decision-making process then please do pass them along to me. Phone 780-218-4468.

Eoin Murray
Alberta Council of Women's Shelters | Communications Adviser

Thank you for all your hard work on getting our media release out today announcing ELEVATE! our new business start-up program for people with disabilities. I would certainly highly recommend your services to other non-profit organizations.

Susan Bater
Community Futures Manitoba | Elevate Program Manager

Amid a rapidly evolving media scene, it is difficult for a volunteer-dependent not-for-profit organization like the Canadian Birkebeiner Society, organizer of Canada’s premier classic cross-country ski event, to stay abreast on who is who at various media outlets. The media listings provided through mediainalberta allow the Society to effectively spread the word through the media about the Birkie, held annually just east of Edmonton, to skiers, volunteers and the general public. Marilyn Jones' professional approach and understanding of our needs proved most helpful.

Nordahl Flakstad
Canadian Birkebeiner Society | President

Complimenting and thanking you for the great service and assistance you provide to our College in preparing and disseminating our news releases. We appreciate your responsiveness and helpful suggestions. Your help with the design and editing of the news releases is invaluable for us in getting our messages out to public. We look forward to our continued work together.

Lynn Lebrecque King
Alberta College of Social Workers | Executive Director

We received good media coverage from the event, thanks in part to the media release and media advisory Marilyn distributed on our behalf. Both print and broadcast media picked it up. Better still, a savvy reporter who attended the conference and was, therefore, well informed, pursued the matter with the Premier later in the day, and secured a commitment from the provincial government on our behalf. Marilyn was responsive, reasonably priced, and her service appreciated. I will happily use her media release distribution services in the future.

Michael Evans
Teleologic Strategic Communications | Public Affairs Executive

Thank you so much for all your help, your expertise, and your encouragement with advising us and distributing our news releases announcing this year's festival. Your efforts on our behalf are so much appreciated by my whole committee and dance group, believe me.

Susanna Biro
Csardas Hungarian Folk Dance Ensemble | Artistic Director

The media release distribution service you offer is nothing short of exceptional. The day after you sent out our media release, , my day consisted of 90 phone calls- ALL media related. In all honesty I don't there was a TV, newspaper or news radio station that didn't cover this story. Knowing we were the top news story for the TV stations at noon, 5pm, 6pm and 11pm says something to the extensive distribution you work from and there's no doubt you get the release to the right people. As I mentioned on the phone, a few years ago I attended one of your sessions on Web 2.0 and I found it so informative and learned so much, that I immediately thought of you and your company when time was of the essence. I can't thank you enough for being there that morning (and I do apologize for getting you out of bed) but also that you followed up with me throughout the day and kept me informed on what you were hearing. To be that is nothing short of first class service. I will definitely work with you again but I'll be sure to wait until 9 am :) Thanks Marilyn.

Erin Stevenson
EMS Creative | Spokesperson

We had the best media turnout of a CKUA event since the resurrection of the station in 1997 thanks to you. The media coverage was fantastic and much of it we can attribute to the media advisory you sent out on our behalf. All of us at CKUA are pleased with the media relations services you provide to CKUA. And, we have only just begun our partnership together. Thank you.

Todd Crawshaw
CKUA Radio | Director of Marketing & Sales

As a subscriber to mediainalberta.ca I have received a great deal of support from Marilyn Jones especially at the eleventh hour when I needed to get a news release disseminated immediately. Not only was she supportive and understanding she provide me with a quick list and helped me meet a very tight deadline. I appreciate knowing that I have a trusted partner in my corner when I need one

Brenda Smith
Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta | Communications & Marketing Manager

Marilyn, many thanks for your quick and efficient service under very tight timelines. I appreciate your willingness to be so responsive and the role you played in helping us get great media coverage!

Godfrey Huybregts
Edmonton Downtown Academic & Cultural Centre | Media Coordinator

We have subscribed to Marilyn's media publicity services since the beginning. We started with a self-service subscription as a charter member. Two years ago we upgraded to a full service subscription so that she could also distribute our media releases on our behalf. We are pleased we made this decision. It has resulted in having to spend less time to achieve a better outcome. We also have the additional benefit of Marilyn's recommendations on content, story angles, headlines, timing and targetting. I recommend that other busy nonprofits consider purchasing a subscription to save time and still get a better result.

Sarah Teasdale
YWCA | Fund Development & Communications

This past year, my organization, the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, produced multiple reports of potential value and interest to Albertans across the province. Looking for a way to engage all media in as many municipalities as possible in a cost-effective, efficient manner, I came across Media in Alberta and subscribed to a multi-release service. Marilyn was always responsive to our needs, and the service certainly played a part in the success of our media releases. No doubt, I will be calling on Media in Alberta again!

Tara Narwani
Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute | Communications Manager

I was so happy to discover this Alberta media service. After searching for information about the media in Alberta, I almost fainted when I cam across www.mediainalberta.ca. Not only do I now have access to a large, informative and up-to-date list of media outlets and reporters in Alberta, Marilyn has been generous with her time and advice in suggesting ways I could inform the public about this new and exciting entrepreneurship program designed especially for immigrant business men and I cannot say enough about how helpful my subscription to the Alberta Media Directory has been. It's been a great investment. I use it all the time. The directory helps me target the media outlets and the reporters most interested in whatever message I am trying to send. I don't have to go hunting for their names, email addresses or contact information. All the media in Alberta are there. I can spend my time following up on media releases I send out and actually contact them instead of trying to keep a media list up-to-date so I can figure out who to send them to. If I have any questions about the media in Alberta, I take one of Marilyn's workshops. I took one today on giving interviews to the media. Over the years, I have taken three of her workshops and plan to take some more. We get a lot more media coverage since I started using her services. It's helped focus my efforts and given me another pair of hands.

Dianne Szlabey
St. John Ambulance | Manager, Communications

Our event was well attended thanks to you. Thank you for your distribution of the November 11 psa - we had over 300 visitors to the Keillor log cabin, including many members of his family with whom it was nice to connect. It was a wonderful event for WELCA and we owe a large part of its success to you. Contracting your services to distribute our media release for this first-time event was the only thing we had time to do!

Diane David
Whitemud Equine Learning Centre | Administrative Director

Your interactive option was a great experience! This experience not only allowed me to have input in where my release went, but it was easy and fun to use. Marilyn takes you through the process like a professional and really shows her expertise in the field through her knowledge of, not only individual media networks, but also individual contacts at each one. Through the advancements of technology, I was able to follow along the process of sending out the release virtually. It is clear to see why Media Mag has one of the largest media directories and best reputations in Alberta! We love being able to provide this outstanding service for our clients. Thank you!

Cressida Raffin
Pivotal Events | Event & Marketing Coordinator

As the new executive director for Compassion House, I was delighted to know that we had purchased a subscription to your media release distribution service. Having you design the html format of the news release that announced our event, Fashion with Compassion, and distribute the release to the media saved me a lot of time. I also appreciated receiving the report of the distribution so I had an idea how many releases you send and where they went. Thank you.

Melissa Kraft
Sorrentino's Compassion House | Executive Director

We contracted Marilyn's services to put together a media release and distribute it for us. In short order, Marilyn conducted the research she needed and put together a media release that was interesting, informative and needed very few changes. Along the way, she also offered us interesting and inexpensive ideas on how we could improve the look of our website and social media communications, ideas which we immediately implemented. In the end, she offered us more than we paid for and we were pleased with the result. Thanks Marilyn for all of your help with our project. All the coverage on your social media looks great. We are very happy with your work and level of expertise.

Michelle Collins
Association of Alberta Registries | Executive Assistant to the CEO

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