How many versions of the Media in Alberta Directory do you publish?

We publish five versions of the Media in Alberta Directory. An online version for self-service subscribers with newsroom phone, fax, email, website, Twitter and Facebook accounts; a much larger offline version that we use to distribute media releases on behalf of full service subscribers that also includes contact information for anchors, show hosts and news producers and three excel versions: Alberta, Calgary and area, and Edmonton and area that is compiled from contact information in the larger offline version. 

How many media outlets and reporters are included in the Media in Alberta Directory?

The online version includes phone, fax and email address of the newsroom for 550 + media outlets in Alberta as well as links to the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. The offline version we use to create the print versions as well as to distribute media releases on behalf of full service subscribers includes 1,793 records for reporters, editors, show hosts, and news anchors at the 550 + media outlets in Alberta as well as links to the reporters’ Twitter account, if they have one.  Here's the breakdown:


614 – radio station journalists
393 – tv station journalists
346 – weekly newspapers journalists
310 – daily newspaper journalists
132 – magazine editors

185 – radio station journalists
154 – tv station journalists
58 – weekly newspaper journalists
38 – daily newspaper journalists
68 – magazine editors
168 – radio station journalists
165 – tv station journalists
54 – weekly newspaper journalists
34 – daily newspaper journalists
56 – magazine editors
 1,795 journalists  503 journalists  467 journalists

View the list of media outlets included in all versions of the Media in Alberta Directory. 

How will I know if the listings in the Media in Alberta Directory are current?

The date the listings were last updated is indicated on the top left hand side of every listing. The listings that have most recently been updated will also display on the right column of its respective category page (e.g. the last updated radio station listing will display on the right column of the page that lists all the radio stations). All new listings added to the media directory are displayed as "Newest Listings" on the right column of their respective category page. If you’re an Annual Full Service subscriber, you’ll be automatically notified of any changes we make to your media list.

How often are the listings in the Media in Alberta Directory updated?

The Media in Alberta Directory is continuously updated. We also distribute html media releases by email on behalf of full-service subscribers on a regular basis. After the distribution of each release, if any bounce back, we immediately contact the media outlet to verify the information and, if necessary, update our records. We then resend the subscriber’s media release to the new reporter(s). We also send out a customized version of our monthly newsletter to our entire media list which also helps us keep the data current. The result is that the Alberta Media Directory is the largest, most comprehensive and up-to-date directory of media in Alberta available anywhere.

What's the difference between Self-Service and Full-Service Subscriptions?

Self-Service Subscribers have access to every one of the 550 + listing in the online Alberta Media Directory. Bi-Annual Subscribers also receive media release distribution services, and a spreadsheet that includes every reporter who received their first media release so they can follow up with them after we distribute it. Annual Full Service Subscribers also receive a spreadsheet with the contact information for the reporters who receive their releases that is linked to our master list so when our master list is updated, so is their media list. They’ll automatically be notified by email of any updates we make to their media list.

What's included in Full-Service Subscriptions besides the media directory?

A full service subscription also includes our distributing html media releases on behalf of non-profit organizations in Alberta and, depending on the subscription term, a spreadsheet of the reporters, editors, show hosts and new anchors that receive their releases. If you have purchased a Bi-Annual or Annual Full Service Subscription, when we're done we send you a spreadsheet that includes the name, position, and contact information for every reporter who received your release so you can follow up.  We continue to update the spreadsheet for Annual Full Service Subscribers throughout the term of their subscription and they automatically get notified of any changes.

Can the Media in Alberta Directory listings be downloaded in Excel?

In order to maintain the integrity of the Alberta Media Directory, we do not make it available as a downloadable file. However, if you purchase an Annual Full Service Subscription, you won’t want to download the file. Otherwise, you’ll have to update the data yourself thereafter. Instead, you’ll be sent a custom built media list spreadsheet that includes the contact information for every reporter we sent your release to that we will keep updated throughout the term of your subscription. Your custom built media list spreadsheet will be linked to our master list and whenever it is updated, yours will be, too. And, you’ll automatically be notified by email of any changes we make.  You’ll always have an updated media list be able to follow up with the editors and reporters most interested in your news anytime you want.

Do you offer print versions of the Media in Alberta Directory?

Yes. We offer three print-on-demand versions of the media directory: Edmonton & area Media Directory ($150), Calgary & area Media Directory ($150), and Alberta Media Directory ($300). When you place your order, we format the database we use for distributing releases on behalf of full service subscribers for printing and send it to you as a pdf. That way, you’re assured the contact information included in the printed version is as current as the day you receive it. Please allow five business days to receive your media directory. You can order your print version online here or over the phone by calling 780-695-5675.

Do you offer special rates for non-profit organizations?

Full Service Subscriptions to the online Alberta Media Directory are only available to non-profit organizations in Alberta for two reasons. Primarily, this service is designed to support the communication needs of non-profit organizations so they might have a stronger voice to gain awareness, attract resources and build support for the important work they do in the community. Secondly, reporters who receive email media releases from us can feel assured that the media release is well-written, well-presented, focused on a human interest story and are more likely to read it. Otherwise, we don’t send it out. The reporters also receive our newsletter composed of posts from so they are aware of our long standing interest in the important work they do in the community. Print versions of the Alberta Media Directory, Calgary Media Directory and Edmonton Media Directory are available to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. 

Can you write our media release for us?

Purchase an annual full Service Subscription and we'll be happy to write your media releases for you. We'll get together to discuss story ideas, and schedule the distribution of your releases around your key events throughout the year. Otherwise, we offer media release writing services for nonprofit organizations upon request. Rates start at $250 and include a half hour consultation and up to two revisions. Please allow five business dates for this process if you also want us to distribute your release to the media in Alberta. See more about our media release writing services.  

Can you help me create a media publicity plan?

We offer three hour private workshops on creating a media plan specifically for your organization, on identifying the reporters most likely to be interested in your news and how to contact and build relationships with them for $295 in our fully equipped training room in St. Albert or online at your convenience. See more about our media publicity plans service

Can you help me learn to pitch stories to the media?

Absolutely! This is our specialty. We'll help you craft story pitches, package your stories for presentation, develop a contact list of reporters at newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations in Alberta most likely to be interested in your stories and use Facebook and Twitter to pave the way for your pitches. We offer 3 hour public workshops, team workshops and personal workshops on this topic.  See or call us at 780-695-5675 for more information. 

Can you help me learn how to give great media interviews?

Yes. We offer public workshops, team workshops and personal workshops on learning how to negotiate, prepare for and present yourself in media interviews to your best advantage. See or call us at 780-695-5675 for more information.

Still have questions about subscriptions or our services not answered here?

If you still have questions about the Media in Alberta Directory, subscriptions or any of our services, please call 780-695-5675 and we'll be happy to answer them. If you're ready to purchase a subscription or a copy of the print version, see the Subscribe page

Full Service Subscriptions and Excel versions of the Media in Alberta Directory are only available to government and nonprofit organizations in Alberta. Any company can purchase an annual self-service subscription or pdf versions. 

Subscriber feedback

Thank you for all your hard work on getting our media release out today announcing ELEVATE! our new business start-up program for people with disabilities. I would certainly highly recommend your services to other non-profit organizations.

Susan Bater
Elevate Program Manager | Community Futures Manitoba

Amid a rapidly evolving media scene, it is difficult for a volunteer-dependent not-for-profit organization like the Canadian Birkebeiner Society, organizer of Canada’s premier classic cross-country ski event, to stay abreast on who is who at various media outlets. The media listings provided through mediainalberta allow the Society to effectively spread the word through the media about the Birkie, held annually just east of Edmonton, to skiers, volunteers and the general public. Marilyn Jones' professional approach and understanding of our needs proved most helpful.

Nordahl Flakstad
President | Canadian Birkebeiner Society

Complimenting and thanking you for the great service and assistance you provide to our College in preparing and disseminating our news releases. We appreciate your responsiveness and helpful suggestions. Your help with the design and editing of the news releases is invaluable for us in getting our messages out to public. We look forward to our continued work together.

Lynn Lebrecque King
Executive Director | Alberta College of Social Workers

We received good media coverage from the event, thanks in part to the media release and media advisory Marilyn distributed on our behalf. Both print and broadcast media picked it up. Better still, a savvy reporter who attended the conference and was, therefore, well informed, pursued the matter with the Premier later in the day, and secured a commitment from the provincial government on our behalf. Marilyn was responsive, reasonably priced, and her service appreciated. I will happily use her media release distribution services in the future.

Michael Evans
Public Affairs Executive | Teleologic Strategic Communications

Thank you so much for all your help, your expertise, and your encouragement with advising us and distributing our news releases announcing this year's festival. Your efforts on our behalf are so much appreciated by my whole committee and dance group, believe me.

Susanna Biro
Artistic Director | Csardas Hungarian Folk Dance Ensemble

The media release distribution service you offer is nothing short of exceptional. The day after you sent out our media release, , my day consisted of 90 phone calls- ALL media related. In all honesty I don't there was a TV, newspaper or news radio station that didn't cover this story. Knowing we were the top news story for the TV stations at noon, 5pm, 6pm and 11pm says something to the extensive distribution you work from and there's no doubt you get the release to the right people. As I mentioned on the phone, a few years ago I attended one of your sessions on Web 2.0 and I found it so informative and learned so much, that I immediately thought of you and your company when time was of the essence. I can't thank you enough for being there that morning (and I do apologize for getting you out of bed) but also that you followed up with me throughout the day and kept me informed on what you were hearing. To be that is nothing short of first class service. I will definitely work with you again but I'll be sure to wait until 9 am :) Thanks Marilyn.

Erin Stevenson
Spokesperson | EMS Creative

Marilyn, you really did a great job providing us suggestions on the best way to pitch our story idea to the media, putting the release together and sending it out. Within minutes of receiving the report that you had finished sending out the release, we received a call from CTV. It was exactly what we were hoping would happen. We received more media attention from the release that you sent out for $250 than we did for the media release we contracted a well known national media release distribution company to send out that cost us 10x this amount. It's been a really positive experience working with you. Wonderful work! Thank you.

Elizabeth Urlacher
Marketing | Hockey Spirit

We had the best media turnout of a CKUA event since the resurrection of the station in 1997 thanks to you. The media coverage was fantastic and much of it we can attribute to the media advisory you sent out on our behalf. All of us at CKUA are pleased with the media relations services you provide to CKUA. And, we have only just begun our partnership together. Thank you.

Todd Crawshaw
Director of Marketing & Sales | CKUA Radio

Marilyn, many thanks for your quick and efficient service under very tight timelines. I appreciate your willingness to be so responsive and the role you played in helping us get great media coverage!

Godfrey Huybregts
Media Coordinator | Edmonton Downtown Academic & Cultural Centre

As a subscriber to I have received a great deal of support from Marilyn Jones especially at the eleventh hour when I needed to get a news release disseminated immediately. Not only was she supportive and understanding she provide me with a quick list and helped me meet a very tight deadline. I appreciate knowing that I have a trusted partner in my corner when I need one

Brenda Smith
Communications & Marketing Manager | Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta

We recently purchased an annual subscription to and took advantage Marilyn's special offer of a complimentary one hour tutorial. During the tutorial, we reviewed her entire list of media in Alberta. After discussion about our communication objectives, we selected what we thought would be the top 20 reporters at newspapers, radio and television stations in Alberta that would be most interested in our news.. Marilyn sent this list to me after the tutorial so I could import the reporters email addresses into my email program. Additionally, she formatted our latest media release into an html email branded with our company logo and corporate colours and sent it out to the top 20 reporters we selected. She also posted our latest news release on the website so that we could embed a link to the website version of the release in the email version she distributed which made it easy to share the announcement in our Facebook and Twitter feeds. We also reviewed the media lists on the website to make sure I could access my subscription and research other reporters. The hour or so I spent with Marilyn was an excellent introduction to the media in Alberta and already well worth the time and money we spent on our subscription. I am now fully prepared to navigate the media landscape in Alberta.

Meaghan Trewin
Marketing and Communications Coordinator | Safe & Caring Schools & Communities

We have subscribed to Marilyn's media publicity services since the beginning. We started with a self-service subscription as a charter member. Two years ago we upgraded to a full service subscription so that she could also distribute our media releases on our behalf. We are pleased we made this decision. It has resulted in having to spend less time to achieve a better outcome. We also have the additional benefit of Marilyn's recommendations on content, story angles, headlines, timing and targetting. I recommend that other busy nonprofits consider purchasing a subscription to save time and still get a better result.

Sarah Teasdale
Fund Development & Communications | YWCA

Being a communications department of one, Marilyn's service provided me with the ability to get media releases out quickly and to a distribution list I knew would be up to date. The cost is but a fraction of what it would cost us to hire someone to keep the media list up to date. Definitely and investment I’m glad we made.

Aimee Caster
Communications Director | Alberta Centre for Child, Family & Community Research

Thank you for all your help with our announcement of our new partnership with CIBC. The subscription saved saved me a lot of time! I got the release out sooner and it was distributed to many more reporters than I could ever have done myself. I also learned from and appreciated the helpful suggestions you offered along the way. I would highly recommend your service to any not-for-profit wanting to spread the word and maximize their time. This was amazing! Thank you so much for being so helpful and there when I needed you.

Erin Bilawchuk
Executive Director | Kidsport Alberta

I have been a regular subscriber of the media directory for several years. Yesterday I logged into the website to see that it has been fully updated, is even easier to navigate (and view on my smartphone) and provides all the information I need. I can easily complete our media requirements using this one-stop-shop. It is worth every penny – and more. Saves me a ton of time, effort and money.” And, when we needed to address a potential media issue, Marilyn assisted us, quickly, accurately and thoroughly. It was very convenient, reasonably priced and timely to have Marilyn complete this work for us.

Elsie Rose
Communications | Alberta Dental Association and College

This past year, my organization, the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, produced multiple reports of potential value and interest to Albertans across the province. Looking for a way to engage all media in as many municipalities as possible in a cost-effective, efficient manner, I came across Media in Alberta and subscribed to a multi-release service. Marilyn was always responsive to our needs, and the service certainly played a part in the success of our media releases. No doubt, I will be calling on Media in Alberta again!

Tara Narwani
Communications Manager | Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

Alberta Media Directory was one of the first things I purchased in my new job. As a previous subscriber to the Alberta Media Director (, I found it most helpful in my media relations efforts. As soon as I started a new job, a subscription to the directory was one of the first things I purchased.

Bekki Hall
Communications Coordinator | Inside Education

I was so happy to discover this Alberta media service. After searching for information about the media in Alberta, I almost fainted when I cam across Not only do I now have access to a large, informative and up-to-date list of media outlets and reporters in Alberta, Marilyn has been generous with her time and advice in suggesting ways I could inform the public about this new and exciting entrepreneurship program designed especially for immigrant business men and I cannot say enough about how helpful my subscription to the Alberta Media Directory has been. It's been a great investment. I use it all the time. The directory helps me target the media outlets and the reporters most interested in whatever message I am trying to send. I don't have to go hunting for their names, email addresses or contact information. All the media in Alberta are there. I can spend my time following up on media releases I send out and actually contact them instead of trying to keep a media list up-to-date so I can figure out who to send them to. If I have any questions about the media in Alberta, I take one of Marilyn's workshops. I took one today on giving interviews to the media. Over the years, I have taken three of her workshops and plan to take some more. We get a lot more media coverage since I started using her services. It's helped focus my efforts and given me another pair of hands.

Dianne Szlabey
Manager, Communications | St. John Ambulance

Your interactive option was a great experience! This experience not only allowed me to have input in where my release went, but it was easy and fun to use. Marilyn takes you through the process like a professional and really shows her expertise in the field through her knowledge of, not only individual media networks, but also individual contacts at each one. Through the advancements of technology, I was able to follow along the process of sending out the release virtually. It is clear to see why Media Mag has one of the largest media directories and best reputations in Alberta! We love being able to provide this outstanding service for our clients. Thank you!

Cressida Raffin
Event & Marketing Coordinator | Pivotal Events

Our event was well attended thanks to you. Thank you for your distribution of the November 11 psa - we had over 300 visitors to the Keillor log cabin, including many members of his family with whom it was nice to connect. It was a wonderful event for WELCA and we owe a large part of its success to you. Contracting your services to distribute our media release for this first-time event was the only thing we had time to do!

Diane David
Administrative Director | Whitemud Equine Learning Centre

As the new executive director for Compassion House, I was delighted to know that we had purchased a subscription to your media release distribution service. Having you design the html format of the news release that announced our event, Fashion with Compassion, and distribute the release to the media saved me a lot of time. I also appreciated receiving the report of the distribution so I had an idea how many releases you send and where they went. Thank you.

Melissa Kraft
Executive Director | Sorrentino's Compassion House

Thank you Marilyn, this has worked out very well for us, we have had over 30 people call to book interviews just today. Great coverage on Global TV and CTV and in the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun. Thanks again, we really appreciate your help.

June Read
Communications | Southland Transportation

Great job with this! I've already gotten lots of response from the Media. CFRN came out yesterday and did a great piece on the Evening News. How do I thank them for their great editing work that they did with the underwater video footage that I gave them?? Many thanks!!

Cathie McCuaig
Executive Director | Alberta Underwater Council

We contracted Marilyn's services to put together a media release and distribute it for us. In short order, Marilyn conducted the research she needed and put together a media release that was interesting, informative and needed very few changes. Along the way, she also offered us interesting and inexpensive ideas on how we could improve the look of our website and social media communications, ideas which we immediately implemented. In the end, she offered us more than we paid for and we were pleased with the result. Thanks Marilyn for all of your help with our project. All the coverage on your social media looks great. We are very happy with your work and level of expertise.

Michelle Collins
Executive Assistant to the CEO | Association of Alberta Registries

Your service made it possible for me to spend my time on other important things. The cost of the subscription is already money well spent and I have only been a subscriber for just over a month. I have eleven more months of support to look forward to!

Marie Gervais, Ph D
Program Coordinator | Immigrant Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

We are really pleased with the result of using your service to distribute our media release about the oilfield workers who won over a million dollars at one of our casinos on March 17. It was a pleasure to have worked with you on spreading this good news story.

Laurie Middaugh
Executive Assistant to the President/CEO | Pure Canadian Gaming | | |

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